Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Cyntech Unhelpful

On 29th Sept I ordered an HDMIPi Deluxe from Cyntech (an HD display designed to hold a Raspberry Pi behind the screen). After various delays I was informed on 18h Dec that it had been dispatched. I waited patiently until mid-day Christmas Eve and when it hadn't arrived I emailed Cyntech only to get a standard reply that they were closed for the Christmas period.

I got the same message when I emailed them this Monday and again today (Wednesday 31st Dec.) It's all right for some. Most companies are working hard on normal working days between Christmas and New Year but not Cyntech who, in my opinion, are exhibiting very poor customer relations.

As a result I have no way of knowing whether the company still really exists or whether the item was lost in the post or what. Therefore I have now opened a dispute through PayPal. It was fortunate I took the precaution of paying through PayPal as I have found them to be excellent at customer relations and they have never failed me yet when I have had the occasional dispute.