Saturday, 20 September 2014


I ordered a BerryClip+ kit of parts from Ryanteck Ltd. In one of my fastest Round Tuits I had all the parts soldered in about an hour. Included in the parts are 6 LEDs, 2 push switches and a buzzer. The BerryClip+ is the red board:

BerryClip+  DSCN3468

By going to it is possible to download instructions as none come with the kit. Included in those are details of how to download a set of Python test files so all available facilities on the board can be tested.

It was a great relief when all 10 test files worked perfectly first time.
Here are two of them in operation:

For non morse readers the message should read "hello from m1btr"  (my amateur radio callsign).
The morse message is typed into the RPi and then the routine sends it in morse to the red LEDs and the buzzer.


  1. You have far more patience and skill than I have.

    1. Adrian: As for soldering, I've been building things since I was about 15. Having a fine tip iron helps but I have to choose a time when the old eyesight can cope.